6 Village Business Ideas You can Start in 2023

Want to start a business in the village area? Know 6 village business ideas you can consider starting in 2023.


Assalamu Alaikum dear reader. In this blog, I’ll be sharing some business ideas for a small business you can consider starting. This will surely help you if you think to start a business in the village. So read the full blog.

In the present age, there are many people who think that nothing can be done in the village. They leave their village and move to the city to get a better job. But due to high competition, they do not get jobs and thus remain unemployed.

Even if someone gets a job, their salary is very low. But it is possible to earn a lot of money through business from own village. Below I have shared some business ideas that can be done in the village. Let’s see what they are.


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Village Business Ideas 2023

1. Computer Training and Service

The use of computers is constantly increasing. Even in villages, its use is increasing day by day. And computer users face several problems and issues on their PC at some point.

But there are no facilities to fix the issue in the village. So you can provide a computer servicing center in the village.


There you can sell various PC parts and hardware along with servicing. But for this, you need to have good skills in computer servicing and accessories.

If you don’t have skills in this subject then you can take a computer servicing course.

Besides, if you know the use of computer programs well, then you can provide a computer training center in your village. Where you can teach some computer basics. For example (using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint, sending emails, etc.).

There are school and college-going boys and girls in the village who are interested in learning computers but they are unable to learn because there is no computer training center in the village.


Moreover, technology will be used in almost every field. So the use of computers and the internet will surely increase in the future. So if you can provide a training center with computer servicing now, you can easily build your business.

2. Mobile Repair and Accessories Shop

Another business that can be done in the village is mobile servicing and accessories business. Mobile servicing in rural areas is not very accessible.

But in the village, you will not find a person who does not use a mobile phone, be it a button phone or a smartphone. And whatever phone it is, it needs repair. Which is not possible without going to the city.

So it will not be bad to have a mobile servicing shop in the village. You can also keep some mobile-related accessories there. Such as all types of mobile chargers, earphones, and protector glass for smartphones, etc.


3. Home Delivery Service

Home delivery means delivering a product to the customer’s home. That is, when a person buys a product from a store or makes an order through a mobile phone, that product or thing is delivered to the customer’s home by another person.

Home delivery services are quite popular in the city these days. You can also provide this service in the village and do business through it.

You can start a WhatsApp-based service where you will collect the customer’s order from a supplier/shopkeeper and deliver it to their home.

Here your profit will be the delivery charge and the commission on the sale of the product. So you don’t have to invest in any of your inventory.

To start a home delivery service business, you can start the service with a cycle/delivery motorbike/trolley. If you don’t have money to invest in them, you can rent them.

You must make this business known to all the shopkeepers and people in the village area. This is how your business will grow.

Later, if the business progresses, you can get your own delivery bike.

4. Teaching and Training

At present, many boys and girls are tutoring as part-time jobs in both cities and villages. If you are such a person then you can turn this part-time job into a business. For this, you must have good teaching experience for school or college students.

However, forgetting the old and traditional method of teaching 5/6 students, start teaching hundreds of students online and offline. You can record videos of different chapters and sell them as courses online.

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5. Pharmacy Shop

You can also do pharmacy business in the village. Because the number of hospitals in the village is less and pharmacy shops are not seen much.

And where there are shops, good quality and all types of medicines are not available. Due to this, the villagers have to go to the city to bring medicine.

So having a pharmacy shop in the village will benefit your business as well as the people of the village.

How to Start a Pharmacy Business

To start a pharmacy business you will need a trade license and a 6-month course certificate as a pharmacist. If you don’t have your own certificate, you can hire someone with a certificate as a salesman.

6. Agent Banking

If your investment amount is high and you are patient then you can start an agent banking business.

Agent banking is a type of business that provides services to customers under a specific bank or branch. Agent banking is possible in rural areas or areas where there are no banks or no banking facilities available.

How to start Agent Banking

First of all, you need to select a populated place where banking service is hardly available. After that go to the head or main office of the bank under which you want to work and apply.

Then the officials of that bank will go to your area to verify your authenticity and eligibility and the possibility of agent banking. If everything is fine they will allow you to continue with this task.

How much money to invest and earn from Agent Banking

A deposit of around 10-15 lakhs should be shown in the form when you apply. Besides, you will need another 2-3 lakh Taka for useful office equipment.

And if your office is rented then you have to bear office rent, employee salary, electricity bill, and all other expenses every month.

You can earn at least 45-50 thousand taka per month excluding these expenses through various commissions. Moreover, the more savings you have in your bank, the more you will earn.

So in the first year of business, you have to promote the agent banking branch and gain the trust of everyone.

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Bottom Line

There are many small business ideas in the village. In doing business in the village you first need to see what are the problems in your village. which you can solve. This will solve any human problem and at the same time, you can earn good profit.

You can let us know any business idea that comes to your mind according to the situation of your village. We can assist you by verifying the information, future prospects required to launch that business.

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