Updated on: 20 September 2023

Welcome to MONEYANS.COM.

MONEYANS.COM is a business blog sharing new business ideas, business news, Fintech, and mobile wallet information etc.

On this page, the words ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’ mean MONEYANS.COM. Our privacy policy explains the content we share, the information we collect from the users or visitors, how we use and protect user’s data, Ads on our website, other website links, use of cookies, comment policy, and changes to the privacy policy.

Our Contents and User Data

All our content in this blog is for only learning and educational purposes. Our contents are only for personal use. We don’t allow the use of our content for business purposes. The use of any post, image, or content shared by us on other websites/apps/books is strongly prohibited.

Our contents include information about business ideas, growing business, making business visible online, fintech information, and mobile wallets.

YMYL Topics

We don’t share finance-relevant information or inspire users to take action that can cause any harm to the assets or the health of users. None of our content is controversial or harmful to user’s assets and unhappiness.

Age of Content Users

MONEYANS.COM website and its Android application are only for anyone over 13 years old. We don’t publish any content that can abuse a child though some learning materials are useful for children under 13.

User’s Personal Information

1. Personal Information

We only collect visitor’s Email Addresses when a visitor signs up as a subscriber. We never ask for any other personal information like name, date of birth, place etc. No personal information is collected without the acceptance of users.

When you use Facebook to log in to our website, you can choose which information you will share with our app. You can still get the benefits of logging in with Facebook even if you feel uncomfortable granting access to certain information.

1. Credit/Debit card or payment details

We never ask for credit and debit card details or any payment details of users.

2. Information Collected by the third party (Use of cookies and tracking)

  • Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics cookies to track, analyze and find reports of MONEYANS.COM. Google may use the data for contextual ads of its own advertising network.
  • Push Notification: We also use a third-party cookie to capture visitor’s browsers to send push notifications about new post updates.
  • Google AdSense: Currently, we are showing Google AdSense Ads. Google AdSense cookies are used for collecting visitor’s information for customer-relevant ads.
  • Other Ad Networks: We may also show advertisements of other third-party ad networks. To serve relevant ads Ad networks may use cookies in your browser to collect visitors information.

4. Users can opt out of personalized advertising

Users can easily opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ad Settings. You can also visit www.aboutads.info to opt out of the use of cookies for personalized advertisements.

Users from EEA and the UK have the option to consent and opt out of showing personalized or non-personalized ads when they first visit the website. So, check the GDPR consent message and give your consent according to your choice.

How the collected information is used

Use of personal information

We don’t usually use user’s personal information for any purpose. But sometimes, we may use user’s personal information such as email addresses to provide better services or more information required. We described them below.

  • Sending Notification
  • Communicate with users
  • Providing support
  • Information collected by third-party cookies

Third parties, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdSense can use the collected information and data for providing their services and advertising network. No user information is shared without Google. You may read the Google Privacy Policy here.

Updating Privacy Policy

We have the full right to make changes to our privacy policy. We’ll continue updating the privacy policy when needed.

Comment Policy

We have a strict comment policy. Comments with spammy links and wrong information will never be accepted. If anyone makes this type of comment frequently, he will be blocked from accessing the site.

General Data Protection Right (GDPR) Policy

you have the full right to ask for the deletion of your personal data saved in our website platform, database or app.

You can request us to terminate your account and service along with the deletion of your data saved in our system. Contact us for your data deletion.

Deletion Process: Your request > Our review > Confirming of successful deletion.