How to Get Export Import License in Bangladesh

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The goods which we cannot produce, we have to buy from other countries which is called import. Again, we sell or export the products to the countries of the world where there is a demand for the products produced by our country.

We will need licenses to import and export this. Today we will discuss how to get import and export licenses.

Hope the information will be useful to you. Let’s first know about import and export licenses.


What is Export and Import License?

To import goods from abroad, IRC or Import Registration Certificate is required. This registration certificate is issued by the office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports. If you only want to import goods, then an import license is required.

On the other hand, the license to export goods abroad is called ERC or Export Registration Certificate, which means Export Registration Certificate in Bengali. ERC license is required if you have export activities only.

And if you have both types of business then you need to do 2 licenses.


Export Import License Cost in Bangladesh

The import license fee is determined based on the total value of the company’s annual imports.

The new fee is effective from September 2022. The new license registration fee and export and import license renewal fee are shown in the table below.

Importers are divided into 6 categories based on total value of imports for the year. The license fee is determined based on this category for licensing. An additional 15% VAT will be applicable on these fees.

Import Registration Certificate Fee Bangladesh

Annual gross import ceilingRegistration FeeRenewal Fee
5 Lac5,0003,000
25 Lac10,0006,000
50 Lac24,00010,000
1 crore40,00015,000
5 crores50,00022,000
20 crores60,00024,000
50 crores70,00028,000
5 crores or more80,00032,000
Import Registration Certificate Fee Bangladesh

Export License Fee

ERC CategoryRegistration FeeRenewal Fee
Export Registration Certificate10,0007,000
Export Registration (Indenting Service)50,00025,000

Requirements for Getting Export and Import License

You will need the following documents to obtain an export and import license.

  • Applicant’s National Identity Card or Passport
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Updated trade license (at the address of the factory or establishment)
  • E TIN (First Time)
  • Copy of receipt of submission of tax return to tax office
  • Institution’s Bank Account (Current Account)
  • Bank certificate
  • Up-to-date membership certificate of Chamber of Commerce or relevant trade association
  • Registered partnership deed
  • Fire license
  • Recommendation of a concerned parent
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Form 12 for some organizations.

If all the documents are correct, the license registration will be completed in a very short time. From then on, import and export operations can be carried out on their own.

How to Apply for Export and Import License

To apply for an import and export license, first, go to and register. Then log in with ID and password and open the Application Form according to the type of license from the left side. Fill all the details in the form correctly and pay the fee and VAT through the online challan. Finally submit the application by scanning and uploading the required documents.

Currently, from October 1, 2022, all import and export license registration and renewal applications and fee payments must be done completely online. No manual challan fee payment and manual application is accepted.

So, you must apply online through proper process.

  1. The complete process of applying for an import or export license is shown below step by step. First visit- and click on New Account/ID link from top right side.
getting export import license in Bangladesh
  1. Register with English name, address, mobile number and business email address as per NID Card. A verification code will be sent to the mobile. Verify the account using the verification code.
  2. Then login to the system with user id and password. After login you will see a profile of yourself. The left side of this profile will show the names of many forms together. From there click on the form according to the license type and open the form.
Import License form Bangladesh
  1. All Mandatory Field (marked with red *) cells must be filled and all Mandatory Documents (marked with red *) must be uploaded while filling the application form. Finally, the application form must be submitted. Especially Regional Office Selection should be done properly.
  2. If the industrial IRC isn’t renewed for more than 3 years, you must select the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports, Dhaka.
  3. Click on Add New Person/Owner button in Owner Information to open the Owner Information page. There, you must first select the Organization Type and fill in the other Mandatory Field (marked with red *) cells and click on the Add Person / Owner Button. Then according to the Organization Type, if one has more than one partner, it should be added.
  4. Click on “Add Adhoc Item” button to add information of Machineries/Materials in case of an industrial import license. Then the mandatory information must be filled.
  5. Pay the fees and VAT through the online challan and click on Fees and VAT Add New button to upload the challan.
  6. Finally, if you want to keep Draft, you have to click Save as Draft by ticking the Draft check box, and if you want to submit the application form directly, click the Save and Submit button.

If your application is successfully submitted, the next page will show a tracking number along with some necessary information. Here the option written next to the detail will show. By clicking there we can see all the necessary information.

You will have to log in again after a few days to see if the application has been approved. If approved, it will show “Approved” in green letters.

Bottom Line

Now registration and renewal of import-export of any category and type can be done online at home. In this case, scan all your documents at 100 DPI. Documents must be JPEG or PDF and between 2MB in size.

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