How to Start Your Own Stationery Business in Bangladesh

Ready to start a profitable stationery business in Bangladesh? Read this comprehensive guide, you’ll have all the information you need to get started.


Few people remain idle nowadays; instead, they attain success by pursuing various business ideas at a higher level. Therefore, choosing the right business idea is the key to success, and its full implementation is indispensable.

Every business can be profitable if properly planned and based on customer needs, including the stationery business. If you start with a well-designed business plan, you can also profit from the stationery business.

When the stationery shop faced a disaster in Australia, the owner must have started the business with careful consideration. Before starting anything, it is always wise to plan ahead and prepare properly. Often, we jump into business without a plan, and later we find ourselves confused by various problems.


Market rates, customer needs, capital, and raw materials should all be considered when planning the stocking of products.

What you should Consider to Start Stationery Business

There are some important things to consider before starting a business. Here are some of the factors you must consider to start the stationery business:

1. Primary Capital

People say, “It is impossible to imagine yourself without money even for a moment.” Is it real? Before we know whether the statement is real or not, let us try to understand the role of business capital.


The scale of your business, the amount of stocked goods, the business area, and the supply chain all depend on the capital you have. Thus, the role of capital is crucial in running any kind of business.

The stationery business is a low-investment business idea. To start a stationery business in a small size, you may need a capital of approximately 50,000 to 1,00,000 taka.

If you don’t have your own capital, you can explore options for obtaining a business loan. You can check other low-investment small business ideas.

2. Business Qualifications

Regardless of the type of business you start, having a plan and some qualifications is essential.
Let’s find out what qualifications are necessary for the stationery business.


No special qualifications are required to start a stationery shop. However, when buying your raw materials wholesale, you must aim to purchase them at a lower cost, as profits can be limited for these items. The less you spend on purchasing, the higher your potential for selling.

Before you start a stationery business, it is important to consider the needs of your customers to select your products. For example, if your shop is located in an affluent area, you should stock expensive items. On the other hand, in a lower-income area, you should keep affordable and low-priced products.

When it comes to product selection, try to include unique stationery items. For example, a rubber (eraser) may cost 5 rupees, but if it has a cartoon character printed on it, consider how much more popular it will be among customers.

Remember, the usability of the products you offer is key. Why not start a business that focuses on providing useful items?


3. Target Customers

Before starting any business, it is important to select target customers. Select the group of customers whom you are targeting. Then you can easily determine your product category and make a business strategy.

If you are thinking of starting a stationery business, you need to define your target customers. The target customers for a stationery business typically include:

  • Students of schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Office clerks.
  • Young children.
  • Teachers from various educational institutions.

4. Estimated Income

If you consider the profitability of this business, the stationery business stands out. It sustains itself over time, evolving and surviving through the ages. If you fear that this business will eventually decline and are hesitant to pursue it, you are mistaken.

This business generates income consistently throughout the year, ensuring gains rather than losses. It does not require a large number of employees to operate the store. But if you are planning for wholesale, you need 3/4 employees.

For your business accounting, you can use free online accounting software. Check the best free online accounting software for small businesses.

5. Ideal Location for the Shop

The success or failure of your business largely depends on the proper positioning of your store.. To set up a stationery retail store, you have to choose the right location.

Since stationery items are daily-use products, it’s important to place your stationery shop in a bustling area with a high volume of foot traffic, an office area, a school, or a college campus.

6. Product Selection

The choice of products for any business depends entirely on your interests. However, when starting a stationery business, you need to carefully consider the product selection.

Some Stationery Wholesale Markets

Finally, you have to find some good wholesalers. It is crucial to find out where you can source raw materials or products at the best prices. If you’re planning to start a stationery business, here are some places where you can find stationery supplies at wholesale price:


Chawkbazar is located in Lalbagh, Dhaka city. This market offers a wide range of domestic and foreign, authentic, and counterfeit products. You can find virtually any product in Chawkbazar. Therefore, if you’re starting a stationery business, you can confidently purchase products from Chawkbazar.


Neelkhet, also known as the New Old Book Bazaar, is a popular location for Dhaka residents. Situated between Dhaka College and Eden Women’s College, Neelkhet is easily accessible by public transportation. In addition to numerous bookstores, you’ll find a variety of stationery products here. If you want to start a stationery business, you can conveniently source raw materials or purchase items at wholesale prices from Neelkhet.


Newmarket is a renowned shopping destination for people from all social classes, ranging from the upper class to middle-class families. Located in Dhaka city, it offers a wide range of products. Those considering starting a business can procure wholesale raw materials or purchase products at wholesale prices from Newmarket.


Banglabazar is a popular place for buying and selling books. However, in addition to books, you’ll also find various other products available here. If you’re planning to start a stationery business, you can consider Banglabazar as a source for purchasing raw materials for your products.

Andarkilla, Chattogram

Andarkilla in Chittagong, is well known for its wholesale stationery supply. The competitive price here makes Andarkilla a popular destination for both businesses and individuals.

Here are some of the most popular wholesale stationery markets in Andarkilla:

  • Anderkilla Stationery Market
  • Siraj Ud Daula Road Stationery Market
  • Shahi Jame Masjid Market

Bottom Line

In conclusion, any business requires careful consideration, planning, and understanding of customer needs. By following these guidelines and incorporating unique and useful products, you can establish a successful and profitable stationery business. Remember, the key to success lies in proper preparation, strategic product selection, and a focus on providing value to your customers.

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