10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women 2023

Want to do business at home? Know the best home business ideas for women and how to start in detail.


In today’s competitive times, no one just wants to stay at home. Today’s women also want to participate in work equally. Today’s women work everywhere outside the home. However, it is not possible for everyone to work outside the house all the time.

So there is a need for some work that can be done easily at home. Considering that aspect, business is more suitable for girls than a job. And now it is very easy for girls to do online business at home.

Here I will share 10 business ideas for girls that you can start at home.


Business Ideas for Women

1. Online Food Business

An online food business is best suited for women to start a business from their kitchen. You can make food at home and sell it to local customers. You can easily start an online food business through a Facebook page.

The online food business is now very popular as a home business. Even two or three years ago it was not so popular. In this age of busyness men and women all work outside. Now many girls are doing online business from home.

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Sometimes, we become tired after a whole day’s hard work. After returning home tired we don’t want to go to the kitchen. But while eating food I want a home taste. And not everyone is used to restaurant food. So you can help us get the taste.

And with this, your online business will start. Cook the food and deliver it to their address at the appointed time.

Apps to Sell Food Online

  • Foodpanda
  • Foodpeon
  • Cookups
  • Foodtong

This meal may contain a variety of items. You should work with items that you can make very well. For example: If you are good at cooking, you can work with all cooking items or you can work with frozen items. Pickles, butter, ghee, various pithas, etc. can all come under the food business.

Due to the popularity of this business, its competition is high nowadays. So to do an online food business, you have to do something unique. Besides, you have to do everything efficiently, professionally, and sincerely. Then you can definitely grow.


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2. Blogging

Blogging is writing about something that people search for online. Nowadays people are searching online with many problems. If you have good knowledge and interest in those subjects, you can write content on these subjects and share information through blogs.

When you get a lot of visitors to your blog, you can earn money by displaying ads on the blog through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling products or services.

Now you may be wondering how much money can be earned by blogging. You can earn unlimited income from blogging.


There are at least 15-20 ways to earn from blogging. You can earn from the same blog in all ways if you want. The best advantage of blogging is that you can take it up as a part-time business.

How to start blogging

First, choose a topic for blogging. Now register a domain of your choice according to the topic. You can easily create a blog through WordPress by purchasing Google’s free Blogger.com or Hosting.

If you want to start a blog, read a complete guide on how to do it here – How to start blogging.

3. Fashion Designing or Boutique Shop

Getting a job is tough in this age of competition. So if you are a fashion designer or if you have good knowledge about clothes then you can start working with fashion design. And you can create your boutique shop.

Along with different fashionable dresses, you can have different types of handwork dresses, hand-painted dresses, sarees, Punjabi, and block batik dresses in your shop. Besides, you can have the facility of making customized dresses.

4. Bakery Business

When it comes to bakery items, the first thing that comes to mind is cake. Cakes are no longer limited to birthday parties. If you can make good cakes, it can be a profitable business. Nowadays, people prefer cakes with different themes for various occasions such as Gaye Halud, weddings, birthdays, grooms, wedding anniversaries, etc.

These cakes are made according to the customer’s demands. Many people do not want to buy cakes from the market due to concerns about adulteration. They prefer homemade cakes, and you can create cakes according to their preferences.

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5. YouTube

Earning from YouTube is very popular. You will upload various videos you make to YouTube. When your channel has more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time in the last 12 months, you will apply for monetization on YouTube. If everything is fine you will be given permission from Google.

Once monetization is approved, various ads from Google will be shown along with your video and you will get paid for it. Earning money by uploading videos on YouTube is now gaining popularity.

6. Beauty Parlor

Almost everyone has an interest in looking good, which is why different beauty parlors can be found in neighborhoods. However, not all of them have the best training. Therefore, if you have detailed knowledge about beauty treatments, you can start your own beauty parlor business. Additionally, many people now prefer to get services online.

You can also offer home decorating services in areas near your residence. This can be a profitable business both offline and online.

7. Childcare

In this age of busyness, both parents often work outside of the home, which can lead to concerns about the care of their young children. Many people do not want to leave their children with a maid. As busyness increases day by day, starting a childcare business can be a profitable venture.

You can offer to take care of the children of parents who work outside all day. In this way, children will receive nurturing care, and parents will be able to work without worrying about their child’s safety and well-being.

8. Online Training or Tutoring

Even just two years ago, taking any online training or tuition was out of the question. However, in this age of busyness, it is not always possible to go out for training, and in many cases, due to lack of time, it is not possible to take private lessons with the teacher of your choice. Considering this, online teaching or training is becoming increasingly acceptable.

Various courses are available to purchase online these days. Different trainers offer training to various groups on platforms like Facebook for a fixed fee.

You can create a course with a few classes that detail subjects you are knowledgeable about, such as cooking, sewing, baking, handicrafts, painting, etc. Beginners can benefit from this, and you can earn income as well.

But now online tuition is also very popular. Many times it is seen that due to lack of time, you are not able to teach many students. It can be seen again that the child’s parents are not able to make time, so they are not able to bring them.

But this problem is not seen anymore. Even if you can’t teach at home, you can teach online now. Technology has now completely eliminated this problem.

If you are going to start a large Online Tutoring business and don’t have funding for that, you can reach out to investors. Here are some tips on how to pitch a business idea to investors.

9. Sewing Business

Girls know best how annoying it is to run to a tailor to get a dress made. That’s why many people are looking for ready-made clothes. You can eliminate this problem of having to sew clothes by starting your own sewing business. Along with offline tailoring, online tailoring is also becoming very popular.

And you don’t need much capital to start this business. All you need is a good sewing machine. In addition to offering sewing services, you can also keep some three-yard cloth in stock. This way, those who order from you for sewing can buy the cloth from you if needed.

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10. Freelancing

The freelancing profession is now preferred by many people and is becoming increasingly popular as it allows individuals to work independently. If you have any kind of skill, you can collect work from various social media and freelance marketplaces.

If you are not an expert, you may have difficulty obtaining jobs on freelance marketplaces. Therefore, you can start by finding work for local and domestic clients. If you are fairly expert, you can join marketplaces like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr.com.

Bottom Line

Among the above ideas, you should start working on the area that is particularly useful for you. But keep in mind that promotion is very useful for any business. Business expansion will not come if not promoted. So besides starting a business, you must also focus on its promotion.

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To start these businesses, you can promote and run your business by creating a Facebook business page first.

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