12 Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Investment 2023

Are you looking to start a business with a small capital? Here I shared 12 low-investment small business ideas in Bangladesh.


Unemployment is a big problem in Bangladesh. Among students, unemployed youth, and individuals returning from abroad, many people are looking for small business Ideas with low investment. If you can choose the right business, you can profit from the business with little or no capital.

There are many small business ideas with low investment. But I’m going to share with you 12 trendy small business ideas you can start with low investment anywhere in Bangladesh.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Sell ​​Food Online

I will keep the online food business no 1 as a business idea with 10k investment. It is hugely popular as a home business. Even two or three years ago it was less popular. Nowadays, many are operating home-based online food businesses.


In this busy time, both men and women work outside their homes. So it is not always possible to cook at home for the family. Moreover, you can offer home delivery of various foods including cakes for various small events, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries.

Business ideas- selling food online

How to Start an Online Food Business

  • To start an online food business you need to create a Facebook Business Page.
  • Find a local delivery company. If there is no local delivery company, you can use online food-selling apps and sites. Otherwise, hire a delivery man yourself.
  • In an online food business, customers are local. So take the orders which you can deliver within 30 minutes from food preparation.

Apps to make food at home and sell it online:

2. Blogging

Next, blogging is presented as a business idea with a budget of 10 thousand taka. If you have the interest and skills for it, it will definitely be a good business for the present time.


Blogging is writing about something that people search for online. Nowadays people are searching online with many problems. If you have good knowledge and interest in those subjects, you can write content on these subjects and share information through blogs.

When you get a lot of visitors to your blog, you can earn money by displaying ads on the blog, through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling products or services.

You can earn from the same blog in all ways if you want. The best advantage of blogging is that you can take it up as a part-time business.

Maybe the question may come to your mind, how much money can be earned by blogging? With proper strategy, you can earn 10000 or more per month within 3 months by full-time blogging. The higher the number of visitors to your blog, the greater your potential income.


Guide to Start Blogging

First, choose a topic or niche for blogging. Now register a domain of your choice according to the topic.

Suppose, you have a good knowledge of home decoration or roof gardening. You can buy a domain, “GreenRooftop.com”

Then you must create a blog through WordPress by purchasing Google’s free Blogger.com or Hosting.

3. Laundry and Cleaning Services

Laundry and cleaning service is one more potential 12 small business Ideas in Bangladesh with Low Investment. You don’t need a physical shop for this business.


Nowadays, everyone is busy with their jobs at home or work. Therefore, not everyone is able to wash and iron their own clothes. Even sometimes, it is found people have no time to drop their clothes at the laundry.

Even if you have a laundry and cleaning service in your area, you can start an exceptional modern laundry business with a few extra features.

You can start this business from your home. Later, if the customer increases, you can rent a bigger room. Let’s explore how to start a smart laundry business from home.

How to Start a Laundry Business

You need at least 2/3 manpower in this business. If you have the manpower you can start a modern laundry business by following the steps below.

  • Prepare 2 iron machines, a large ironing table, and other equipment.
  • You can start from one big room in your house.
  • Create a Facebook Page and open a Whatsapp account to communicate with customers.
  • Visit various homes in the area to inform about your services and collect clothes.
  • Clean the clothes and deliver them beautifully at home.
  • In this way, customers will increase day by day due to your good service.

4. Juice Bar

Refreshing fruit juice is in great demand during the scorching heat of summer. Fruit juice vans can be found in schools, colleges, offices, local markets, and populated areas. This business can be highly profitable with a small investment, such as 10 thousand taka.

You can set up a juice bar offering a variety of juices made from ingredients such as mango, watermelon, pineapple, milk, and banana shakes, lemon sherbet, etc.

What You Need to Start a Juice Bar:

  • 1-2 thousand taka for setting up a table and chairs in a chosen location.
  • Essential equipment like a juicer, knife, glassware, cutting board, etc., costing around 4-6 thousand taka.
  • Different fruits as the primary raw material, which may cost around 2-4 thousand taka.
  • Later, you can expand your business by adding mobile juice vans. The profit potential in this business is almost double compared to the initial investment.

5. Home Delivery of Groceries and Medicines

Food and medicine are essential commodities in our daily lives. Often, due to busy schedules, people don’t have time to buy groceries from the market or purchase necessary medicines. Moreover, certain goods or medicines may not be readily available in nearby shops.

To address this issue, you can start a home delivery service for essential groceries and emergency medicines. Initially, you won’t need to stock products. Instead, you can take orders from customers and deliver the goods from nearby wholesalers.

Profitability of Grocery and Medicine Home Delivery Business:

Your profit in this business comes from two sources: delivery charges and commission on product sales. Additionally, if you can procure products from wholesalers at low prices, you can sell them to customers at discounted rates, thereby increasing your profit margin.

In the beginning, when you can’t stock the products, you won’t earn much commission on product sales. The commission you receive from local retailers/wholesalers is not substantial. If you offer discounts to your buyers using a portion of this commission, you won’t have much left.

So, initially, you have to rely on income from the delivery service alone to run your business. As the number of customers increases in the future, you can stock high-demand products and earn more commission on sales.

How to Start a Home Delivery Business:

  • Choose a name for your home delivery business and obtain a trade license from the city corporation or municipality.
  • You can use WhatsApp or other communication platforms to process orders.
  • Initially, you will need to hire people for home delivery.
  • Provide this service in a specific location at the beginning.
  • Collaborate with major retailers/wholesalers in your area to procure groceries and medicines at discounted prices, enabling you to offer competitive prices and discounts to customers.
  • Pay special attention to ensuring proper management of the service and smooth delivery operations.

Please note that the content has been revised and improved to address grammatical errors and clarify the meaning of certain sentences.

6. Natural Beauty Products

Beauty products are sold at high prices in the online marketing world. With detailed ideas, you can create side effects-free and high-quality beauty products using various natural ingredients or buy them from other companies and sell them at higher prices. This is a profitable business idea.

Many people are earning a significant income through online marketing of such products. If you have knowledge of marketing, you can potentially earn lakhs per month.

What you need to start a natural beauty product business

  • Quality natural ingredients such as ashwagandha, honey, and various leaf extracts (costing 5-8 thousand taka).
  • A Facebook page.
  • Knowledge of online marketing.

The above businesses can be conducted online with minimal or no capital. You can find many business ideas for 10 thousand rupees by searching online.

7. Paper Bag Manufacturing 

Another manufacturing-oriented business idea is producing paper bags. The demand for paper bags is widespread. Although the number of people in this business has decreased over time, the demand for paper bags remains high, especially in bakeries, fruit shops, and restaurants.

You can purchase paper from Banglabazar and other wholesale markets at a low price, make bags out of it, and supply them to local market shops.

A paper bag manufacturing business will require:

  • A substantial amount of paper (costing 3-4 thousand taka).
  • Glue, cutter, and other materials (costing 500-1,000 Tk).
  • Manpower (costing 3-4 thousand rupees) to increase production of bags.

With an investment of 10,000 rupees, you can choose this business idea and earn a good income by working for a short amount of time each day to meet the demand for paper bags in the local market.

8. Honey Production 

Honey is a scientifically proven, highly nutritious, and versatile food ingredient. The demand for natural honey is very high. You can start honey farming with a small plot of land next to your house.

You can sell cultivated honey online or offline at high prices. Currently, natural honey can be sold for Tk 500-900 per kg.

To start a honey production business you will need-

  • Bees (initially on a small scale) costing 800-1,500 Tk.
  • Honey cultivation equipment, including beehives, costing 3-4 thousand taka.
  • A suitable area with flowers like sunflowers, mustard, etc., to provide a source of nectar.
  • A Facebook page for online business.
  • Transport and communication systems.

As a productive business, honey production is one of the few businesses that can grow in the future with an investment of 10,000 rupees.

9. Biogas Production

Currently, the cost of gas is very high, and gas supply is not available everywhere in the country. Due to the expensive nature of LPG gas, it is not feasible for everyone to use it.

If you are a farmer or have access to cow dung and other organic materials from nearby cattle breeders, you can earn by building a biogas plant.

Biogas plants can be set up with minimal capital. Apart from meeting your own energy needs, you can also sell biogas to people in your vicinity. Among the various business ideas under 10,000 taka, biogas production is the most modern option.

Biogas Production will need

  • Approximately 7-8 thousand taka for a large water tank, pipes, and a gas supply system.
  • Collection of organic matter (such as cow dung) and personal labor.

Once the system is installed, you can consistently generate gas using organic waste.

10. Sell ​​Handicrafts Online

In the past, handicrafts referred to items such as baskets and pots made from soil, but nowadays the range of handicrafts has expanded. There are now thousands of new handicraft inventions, including vases, handbags, fans, dolls, carvings, hand-made clothes, and various showpieces, created using different artisanal techniques. Nakshi Kantha, a traditional handicraft of Bangladeshi folk culture, holds a special significance.

If you possess skills in creating these handicraft items, you can sell them online through various social media platforms. The market demand and prices for these products are generally high. Even if you lack the necessary skills, you can acquire training from someone who is skilled in the craft.

A handicraft business will cost you:

  • Basic raw materials for handicrafts, the cost of which may range from 2,000 to 6,000 taka, depending on the type of business.
  • Training fees, which can range from 2,000 to 4,000 taka if needed.

With an investment of 10,000 taka, you can choose from a few business ideas and sell your handicrafts in local markets, various festivals, fairs, and online platforms.

11. Online Tutoring

Tutoring has long been a significant source of income for college or university students. Online coaching and teaching have become the most profitable online business today.

However, in this age of technology, the demand for online live classes has been increasing tremendously. You can earn a good income by tutoring students from one end of the country to another.

Additionally, you can create video classes and publish them on YouTube or sell them directly. With a few business ideas for 10,000, you can embark on this venture without any significant investment.

Online tutoring can be a part-time business for a student. Students can easily do it besides continuing their own studies.

Everything you need to become an online tutor

  • Expertise in specific subjects; No money is required;
  • A smartphone.
  • Teaching abilities and a mindset suited for teaching.

12. Tour Guide 

If you have a passion for travel and possess knowledge about various places of interest, you can start a business as a tour guide. By creating packages that include sightseeing, accommodation, food, and travel guidance, you can offer tour services at a higher price to tourists.

To become a tour guide you will need:

  • A good understanding of various sightseeing spots.
  • Connections with hotels, resorts, and transportation services.
  • Analytical skills to design different tour packages.

Initially, you will need to purchase the packages yourself and then sell them to tourists at a higher price.


The cost of the 12 businesses mentioned above may vary depending on the current market conditions. It is important to choose a business idea based on your preferences and the potential profitability in your area. By carefully selecting a business idea and implementing effective strategies, entrepreneurs can achieve success and financial stability.

To be noted that all of these small business ideas require low investment but have the potential for high returns. Whether you opt for a home-based food business, blogging, laundry services, or selling products online, each idea has the potential to generate substantial profits with minimal capital investment.

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