How to Stop Automatic Payment from Mobile Banking

Is balance automatically deducted from your mobile banking account? Know the reason and how to stop this automatic payment.


To stop automatic payment from your mobile banking first, be sure which service is responsible for auto payment collection. You can find this information in the transaction details or SMS of mobile banking. After that, log in to that service provider app or website and cancel the subscription. You can also contact the mobile banking helpline to stop the subscription or automatic payment.

Automatic payments are sometimes seen from mobile banking accounts like bKash, Rocket, Nagad, or Bank accounts. In this post, I will explain why money is deducted automatically from a mobile wallet or bank account and how to stop this automatic payment.

Why is an Automatic Payment done from Mobile Banking

If you set your mobile banking account as a payment method as a weekly or monthly subscription/bill to various online websites, apps, or services, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your account at the end of the specified period.


Various apps and websites have options for payment through mobile banking services (eg bKash). After providing the code and pin to complete the payment through mobile banking, there is an option to subscribe to the app or service on a monthly or weekly basis.

Many people turn on those options without proper knowledge. As a result, money is deducted from the mobile banking account every month/specified time. Some such apps/websites may be,

  • Entertainment app
  • News Websites
  • Gaming App

Let’s say you paid for a service on a website through bKash and that website saved your bKash information.


After you give the OTP and PIN code, the site can save the development information only with your permission. No point in blaming the site here.

In these cases, it will be written in the payment option that they will save the information. You ticked that option knowingly or unknowingly.

bKash, Nagad, Rocket, or any mobile banking payment information will not deduct the money. If you subscribe to any site or app, the money will be deducted from your account at the end of the specified period.

Like if you have a premium account on a newspaper website, in this case, you will be deducted at the end of the month.


How to Stop Automatic Payments from Mobile Banking

Saving the payment information is not a reason for auto payment. If you set up a subscription for weekly or monthly service only, whether you use the service or not, the website/app will deduct money from your mobile banking account after a certain period of time.

Many times when purchasing a service from a website or app, the subscription becomes active by default in case of a one-time payment. That is, the reason for deducting the money may be the active subscription fee for a service.

Now let’s know how to stop this subscription. Follow the 2 steps below.

Step 1: Make sure which app or website is deducting money

First, you need to be sure which app or website has deducted your money. You must be aware of where you made such payments. Then, you can easily solve this problem.


If you don’t know, there are 2 ways to find out.

Check transaction statement/SMS

Log in to the mobile banking app from which the money has been deducted from your mobile bank account, view the transaction statement, or check the message received on the mobile about which site or why the money has been deducted.

Contact Mobile Banking Helpline/Chat

If you can’t find out which service is responsible for auto payment, there is a second option. You can reach the mobile banking helpline to find out for which service/subscription your account has been debited. In this case, you must tell the date and amount of automatic payment done.

All types of mobile banking institutions including bKash, Nagad, and Rocket have their own helpline number, where you can call and report your problem. bKash has an online live chat facility which makes this process easier.

After contacting the helpline or live chat, you must prove your identity to take any action related to the account. For this they may ask for your name, date of birth and National Identity Card number.

The support team will then know your transaction details and assist you accordingly. You can also request support to cancel this subscription and automatic payment.

Step 2: Cancel the subscription by logging into the app or website

You must have paid or created an account on the site that is deducting money from the App or Website. Log in with the account login user and password.

Then turn off subscription renewal. This will eliminate the problem of spending money.

If you don’t see any kind of subscription renewal plan on that website, the money is deducted every month. In such situations contact the support of that website. If you have a phone number, call or email. Or you can get the necessary information from their Facebook page.

The contact page of all websites has the contact number and email of the team of the website. The problem can be resolved by contacting the service provider’s website or app.

Bottom Line

There is no reason to worry if auto money is deducted from your mobile Banking account. Maybe someone in your family has subscribed without your knowledge. Or, where you have made a payment type where the Monthly Subscription option is enabled.

Anyway, following the above method can easily solve the problem.

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