How to Use ATM Card First Time – Caution

Using the new ATM card? Let’s know how to activate new ATM card for the first time, withdraw from ATM.


Many people opening a new bank account do not know the use of this ATM card, its advantages and disadvantages. Many people don’t know about ATM card, debit card and credit card.

After reading this post, you will know what an ATM card is, how to use ATM card, how to withdraw from ATM, and more information.

ATM card started its journey to make banking life easier. Its inventor is the Scottish investor John Shepherd Baron. ATM machines were first installed at the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank in London.


The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. It is an electronic banking facility.

After the introduction of ATM card, banking transactions became easier. Transactions can be done in less time and with less effort. No need to stand at the bank counter for a long time with a checkbook in hand to withdraw money for urgent needs.

ATM cards are called plastic money. It is always difficult to carry cash together but ATM card can carry a lot of money very easily. You may want to read What is the Difference between Credit Card and Debit Card.


Please read the entire article, you will get many tips and suggestions. And write YES or NO in the comment, tell whether you are using ATM card or not.

How ATM Booths Work

When visiting an ATM booth, we usually insert our ATM card into the ATM machine. After that you have to enter the pin number. After checking the information, the request goes to the bank. After getting approval from there we can withdraw money. This process is completed in a few nanoseconds.

ATM machines are connected to banks with the help of a type of network called an Interbank Network. When we insert our card into this machine all its information goes into the machine. Then go to the bank from there. Then when we enter the prescribed pin number in it, we can withdraw money from the machine after the necessary verification.

How to Activate New ATM Card in ATM Machine

To activate a new ATM card, insert your card correctly at the ATM booth and enter the secret PIN number provided with the card. Now you will be asked to set a new PIN of 4 digits. Type new PIN and click OK button. Type the PIN again and go to the next step. A new PIN will be set on your ATM card and the card will be activated.


Some banks do not issue a PIN printed with the card. In that case, a new PIN can be set through OTP verification on the mobile number used in the bank account.

Apart from printed PIN, PIN can also be generated from mobile OTP, helpline or internet banking services. Then you can change that PIN again and set your own PIN.

When issuing a new ATM card from the bank, a PIN number is given on it. You must change this default PIN and set a new PIN number. Your ATM card will be activated after setting the new PIN. Follow the steps below.

To get an ATM card, one has to apply in the prescribed form to the bank. The card will be ready within a few days of application, and you will be asked to accept the card by phone from the bank. The card is not immediately usable upon receipt. After receiving the card, it has to be activated.


Steps to Activate New ATM Card

  1. To activate a new ATM card, you must first visit the ATM booth and insert your card correctly into the machine.
  2. After inserting the card into the machine, your mobile number will be displayed on the screen.
  3. If the number is correct go to next step.
  4. An OTP will be sent to the mobile number. Enter the OTP code into the machine.
  5. There you will be asked to set a new pin number. Enter a 4-digit pin number.
  6. Enter the PIN again 2nd time and proceed to next step.
  7. You will get a message on the screen that your card has been activated.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM

To withdraw from ATM, insert your card correctly and put your secret PIN number. If the pin is Ok, you can see some options. Select Withdraw from here, then select the amount shown on the screen or enter the amount you want to withdraw. Press OK button close to the amount. Collect your card and Money. Don’t forget to count and check the notes.

The process of withdrawing money from all the booths is basically the same. Then there are slight differences in some booths which won’t be much of a problem for you.

Remember, some ATM machines can withdraw a minimum of 500 rupees. However, a minimum of 1000 rupees can be withdrawn from certain booths. Do not write retail amount like 100/200/300 while writing the amount. Must enter the amount in multiples of 500 such as 500/1000/1500/2000.

What to do if the card is stuck at the ATM booth?

If the card gets stuck in the ATM booth, do the following things without fear.

First, click on the cancel button to see if the transaction has been cancelled. Then immediately call the customer care of the bank and report it. In which ATM booth the card is stuck should be reported.

Before leaving the booth, the duty guard should be informed. If the machine that stuck the card is of the same bank, then you can go to the branch and collect it on the next working day. It takes more time at the booth of other banks.

Cards can get jammed in ATM machines for various reasons.

The reasons for card jamming at ATM booths are,

  • Enter the wrong PIN three times in a row.
  • If there is a problem with the machine’s power supply or network connection.
  • If a blocked card is used.
  • If there is any external damage to the card.
  • If the card is not removed within the specified time after the transaction.

What to do if you receive fake and torn money from ATM booth

Hold the note in front of the camera on top of the ATM machine as proof of getting a torn note or counterfeit note from the ATM booth. Make sure that the camera captures a clear image of the note. If there are multiple notes, each note must be shown in front of the camera.

Then inform the guard on duty and collect the booth number. Then go to the nearest branch manning the booth and exchange the note with the required information.

A form may need to be filled if the note is too torn. However, if you get a fake note, you should report it to the nearest police station. In this case, the police station should be informed about the booth from which fake notes were found.

While withdrawing money from the booth many times torn money or fake money is found. So, be sure to stand there and check each note after each withdrawal.

What to do if ATM card is lost?

If the ATM card is lost, it should be reported to the bank immediately. Then the bank will immediately stop the transaction of that account. Then GD should be done at the nearest police station.

To get a new card, you have to go to the bank with a copy of the GD and reapply. Some charges may apply in this case. Then within 7-14 days, the bank will call you to inform you when the new card is issued.

ATM card benefits

  • With an ATM card you don’t have to worry about carrying cash.
  • No need to stand in line for a long time at the bank.
  • You can withdraw money whenever you need.

Disadvantages of ATM cards

  • A fixed annual fee is payable for this.
  • Cannot withdraw more than the specified amount.
  • Pin code should be used with caution.

Finally, it can be said that now many people feel comfortable using ATM cards for hassle-free transactions. Transactions with ATM cards can be done very easily by following a few precautions.

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How do I activate my first ATM card?

To activate your ATM card for the first time, find the 4-digit PIN in the envelope you received with the card. Visit ATM booth and insert your card. Input the PIN. Set a new PIN for future transactions. Your card is now ready to use.

Where is PIN number on ATM card?

ATM PIN is sent to the card user in an envelope letter. The card user has to set a new PIN using the PIN number provided by the bank.

Which side of ATM card is inserted?

The left front side of ATM card is inserted in ATM booth card reader space. Make sure you place the card clockwise.

How many digits is my ATM PIN?

Usually, most ATM card allows 4 digits PIN.

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